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James Reid, a freelance writer and product manager, has been a forensic and homicide investigation buff for years and participated in ride-alongs with detectives. While he has been an avid reader of crime novels and a writer of short stories since childhood, it was the murder of a close relative that spurred him to write about the world of homicide investigators. His debut fiction novel, Partners in Crime, was released in late December 2013 to very positive reviews, where readers indicated an appreciation for his depiction of the real-life experiences and situations occurring in murder investigations.

In Aug 2017, Partners in Crime has been revised and reprinted under a new publisher and released as Monsters Behind the Gates.

A native of Columbia, MD, James lives in Dallas, TX. He is currently writing his 2nd detective novel.


email: jreidbooks@gmail.com


2 Responses to About me

  1. sdneeve1 says:

    Hi James.
    Congratulations on your book and the positive reviews.


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