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Career Change does a body good

I’ve been blessed to learn and cultivate a particular set of skills, skills I’ve acquired over the course of my career. I’ve always wanted to say that. Actually, it would be cool if I were a former spy like Liam … Continue reading

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We build them up, We tear them down

Social media is great. It gives a voice to millions who otherwise wouldn’t be heard. Unfortunately, it also gives a voice to mean, angry, and hypocritical people. And when they get going, the nastiness spreads like wildfire, usually for things that … Continue reading

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Will Write for Food (but if you’ve got extra publicity, I’ll take that, too)

Before I published my first book last month, every published author told me that writing the novel is the easy part. The hard part is promoting it. It hasn’t taken me long to see that. And it wasn’t a surprise; … Continue reading

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